What came first? The baby or the app


So today is the big day where my wife is being induced with our fourth child. Given the past, today’s experience should last between 6-10 hours. Knowing I’ll be hearing monitors in the background, I figured I should do some work. Since I haven’t spent the time to complete an app for Windows Phone yet I figured I would challenge myself. I’ll be live blogging this experience today and am up against mother nature. My goal is to see what comes first: my new baby boy or my new Windows Phone app. Wish me luck (on both fronts)!

Current Update:
Bryce Liam was born just before 3pm (my 3pm update was premature). Someone from the Azure Mobile Services team is checking my issue with the app. So, Bryce won the prize (rightfully so as my app definitely is not as good lucking is the little guy), but I’ll still be publishing the application soon. Thanks to everyone that followed today.

3pm At this point, the baby is going to win. I still cannot get Azure Mobile
          Services working properly. I’ll update everyone later this evening.

2pm Lisa’s status hasn’t changed since 8am. I’m getting bonus time now at
          the expense of my wife. I have a few things that I came across to blog
          about after the app is further along. Stay tuned.

1pm I decided to take a lunch break. Nothing is changing on either front.
         The fire alarm at the house is going off again.

12pm Lisa is still hanging in there. Doc hasn’t been in the room in awhile so
          I’m sure we’ll get an update soon. Most of the application style has been
          set. There’s no data as I’ll need to build that out after the fact.

11am As time is passing, I get a phone call from my house. The fire alarm is
          going off. As the alarm is going off, my mother-in-law proceeds to ask
          me to hold on so she can answer the phone. There goes 30 minutes of
          development time. However, I have something compiling (but without
          data). I’m getting an error when including Azure Mobile Services about
          referencing System.Runtime.

10am Lisa is doing well. She’s continuing to press on. I’m sure things will speed
          up shortly. I have 3 tables defined on paper and am starting to update
          Azure with the columns. I’m having issues with mobile services.

9am  Lisa has contractions around 4 minutes apart. My aunt (doc) still has a 9am
          surgery. I have my mobile service created in Azure and the logo, tile icons,
          and general layout mocked out in VS Express for Phone.

8am  Lisa is now 3cm. I have a logo for the app and the app project started.

7am  It’s beginning – I have an idea on paper. Notice the attention to detail.


May 21 2013 7:00 AM